A Brief Overview of Sheesha Finance

Sheesha is a team of DeFi experts who believe that many projects in this field do not provide complete transparency or may not have the highest integrity. The Sheesha Finance team was inspired to bring a powerful DeFi platform to the industry that is reliable, well-funded, and strongly supported by a strong community. Sheesha is here for a long time, so all plans and visions will be implemented in stages to ensure that everything is correct and safe for all users.

Participating in Sheesha Finance is a simple method called cash accumulation activity. This event allows anyone to participate by contributing ETH/BNB and receiving a portion of Liquidity Offering (LP) tokens in the process. These tokens can be wagered and should have various benefits.

Liquidity Generation Events (LGEs)

Sheesha Finance has been in development for several months and are getting closer to LGE. LGE will run for 2 weeks and will allow people to contribute ETH/BNB in exchange for LP tokens. LGE ensures sufficient liquidity on Uniswap/PancakeSwap when required. 15,000 tokens (or 15% of the total supply) on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain are dedicated to LGE. This allows the base price of the Sheesha Finance native token to be determined as LGE after completing LGE.


Fees will only be incurred after you withdraw your LP tokens from our platform. 96% tax in the first month, 92% tax for the second month, and 88% tax in the third month/ Taxes are reduced by 4% each month and will be set at 4% after month 24. The ETH/BNB of the tax will be used to buy native Sheesha Finance tokens. Sheesha Finance native tax tokens and native Sheesha Finance tokens purchased with taxed ETH/BNB will be returned to the LP token commitment reward. Native Sheesha Finance tokens removed from stakes will be charged a 4% tax, which will be used for native Sheesha Finance token engagement rewards.

Some exciting plans have been developed for Sheesha Finance to make Sheesha the best, including:

  • Sheesha Finance on Binance Smartchain, Pink Grapefruit Polkadot, Apple Avax, Kiwi Kava, Clementine, Casper, etc.
  • The governance of the project will be delivered to the community through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which will determine all aspects from cost adjustment to the establishment of strategic alliances in a decentralized manner.
  • The external audit will be carried out by an independent third party in parallel with LGE. Upon completion of the external audit, LGE will finalize.
  • Sheesha Finance insurance will be provided by third party partners. The rewards for users to pledge LP tokens and native tokens are native tokens, existing DeFi project tokens, and upcoming DeFi project tokens; thus creating a DeFi ETF.
  • Bet native Sheesha Finance tokens and get NFTs from high-quality artist.
  • The lottery uses native Sheesha Finance tokens, and 5% of the tokens will be destroyed after collecting the lottery.
  • Lending and borrowing product.




Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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