A Deep Dive into Persistence Community Newsletter #10

Talking Points

  • pSTAKE’s Liquid Staking Solution released on Mainnet on July twelfth with aid for Cosmos, allowing $ATOM holders to have interaction with DeFi packages on Ethereum whilst staking their ATOM through pSTAKE.
  • Persistence concluded the Staking of Gala which noticed over 17,000 registrations, and over 33,000 stake periods for a complete prize pool of $20,000.
  • Persistence’s community keeps to strengthen with extra pretty esteemed validators along with Chorus One, InfStones, Citadel.one, and greater for a complete of eighty three validators.
  • pSTAKE broke $250,000 in TVL (over 19,000 ATOM) [now over $1 million TVL / 65,000 ATOM] at the start of August, much less than three weeks after preliminary release.
  • Osmosis XPRT swimming pools blew past $thirteen million TVL [now over $20 million TVL] to kick off the month of August. Stake your XPRT on Osmosis at the XPRT/OSMO and ATOM/XPRT swimming pools for juicy rewards!

General Updates

  • Tendermint, one of the center participants to the Cosmos Network, has become a strategic investor in Persistence.
  • Persistence’s validator arm, AUDIT.one onboards as a validator for the Akash Network. Now that Persistence chain & Akash Network are related through IBC, anticipate similarly collaboration possibilities in the future.
  • IRISnet has allied with Persistence as a validator, with AUDIT.one now available as a validator at the IRISnet chain in addition to collaboration in more than one different areas.
  • Sifchain, an omni-chain DEX launches their liquidity mining rewards software so as to assist tokens at the Cosmos atmosphere consisting of XPRT!
  • AscendEX expanded their XPRT staking rewards to 34.eighty three% APY. We additionally partnered with AscendEX for three XPRT promo occasions with a complete praise pool of 40,000 USDT.

Products and Community Update

  • XPRT is absolutely incorporated into Keplr’s interchain wallet.
  • Persistence is indexed as one of the preliminary supported chains for Emeris.
  • Ledger Hardware wallets help Persistence assets!
  • XPRT trended pinnacle 10 initiatives on LunarCRUSH — the pinnacle social listening platform for crypto — with a Galaxy Score of 73.
  • Persistence Twitter passed 25,000 followers.
  • pSTAKE held more than one a fun occasions across the mainnet release along with a $a thousand educational competition and a meme contest.
  • We held our pSTAKE Treasure Hunt which featured over $2000 really well worth in XPRT tokens as prize. Congratulations to all of the winners.

Media Coverages and Features

  • Persistence got featured on Forbes along different systems for expressing and displaying maturity and participating tacross chains to enhance DeFi as a whole.
  • In a video interview, CEO Tushar and YouTuber Cryptocito speak concerning the capacity for developing the decentralized finance landscape, which include the Cosmos community and bridging it with Ethereum’s significant DeFi surroundings.
  • Persistence CEO Tushar is featured at the BlockHash podcast.
  • Everstake, a pinnacle-tier validator, introduces a complete review and manual for pSTAKE.
  • CEO Tushar became featured at the IBS Intelligence podcast to speak about the present day improvements in DeFi.
  • Persistence CEO turned into featured on a TechBullion interview to talk about how Persistence is constructing an atmosphere of next-gen monetary merchandise to serve each institutional buyers and crypto-local users.

About Persistence

  1. Tokenization of real-global belongings (the use of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs) which includes invoices
  2. Trading of tokenized real-global property (represented via way of means of NFTs) towards stablecoins
  3. Usage of those tokenized real-global belongings (NFTs) as collateral to borrow stablecoins (originate loans)
  4. Packaging of the loans originated into tranches/swimming pools to create constant profits investable products (securitization of debt)

Persistence Approach

  • Institutional focus: Asset-Based Lending P2P Trade Finance use case via the Comdex dApp for institutional ‘physical commodity’ investors and commodity financiers
  • Crypto-local focus: Securitization of Debt (Pooling of debt) and Stablecoin Lending Platform to offer publicity to real-international earnings-producing belongings to crypto-local stakeholders



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