A Deep Dive into Persistence Community Newsletter #11

How closely have you been watching out for the development of Persistence in the Blockchain space in recent times? In the month of August alone, milestones were crossed, targets were reached and impacts were made by Persistence and its insightful community.

If you have missed out on a few things, you should know that the progress of Persistence has undoubtedly skyrocketed over the months. The undeniable evidence of having a large sum of transactions and more wallets created is one thing that stands out for the growing company. Over 13,500 XPRT wallets were created which in turn led to over 200,000 transactions done on the network.

You cannot overlook how they have faithfully kept to their standards of facilitating seamless value exchange around the world.

Their liquid staking protocol pSTAKE only just got better. It made serious waves as their TVL grew from $250,000 to $2.3 million within a month. The patterns are clear and consistency is expected with their growth rate.

With the possibility of insuring the assets on pSTAKE in the nearest future to avoid slashing of risks, it just gets more interesting.

Their TVL in Osmosis DEX also had an explosion. It had over $35 million between its two pools, XPRT/ATOM & XPRT/OSMO.

Their team have relentlessly paved the way for top-notch services. As a result of these characteristics, they have been launched into popular publications like the Cointelegraph which centered on the growth of PoS ecosystems and DeFi times. It is well-deserved visibility due to consistent efforts.

You also don’t want to miss their efficiency and speed when it comes to cross-border trade. The astounding part is how they still engage their community through the established Persistence ecosystem while providing the best network service.

They continued to interact well with their community by providing tutorials (including video formats) on wallet integration and pSTAKE. They also curated games that earn their members rewards and give opportunities to learn at the same time.

Do you know what makes all of this sound awesome? Their social media reach has also increased to twenty-five thousand Twitter followers on Persistence and four thousand on pSTAKE which is a loud mark on social influence.

You should be made aware of the Cohort-2 for the Persistence validators program. It does not stop there because there are extra incentives for validators who prove their commitment and add value to the ecosystem.

Finally, Persistence network has become more stable as it exceeds a block height of two million. That’s a remarkable number for a company. Now, this can only be achievable with a network secured by leading PoS validators running institutional-grade architecture, geographically distributed across the world.

There’s little wonder on why the CEO, Tushar Aggarwal is the centre of big conversations on forums like Startup Saturday and also worthy of mention in Forbes list of 30 under 30 — Asia — Finance and VC 2021.

With their gun aimed at their target, I strongly think the world can look forward to more exciting developments from them.

About Persistence

Persistence is a Protocol powering Institutional Open Finance. Persistence became a possibility with the thesis of the use of Public Blockchain Technology and functions of Decentralised & Open Finance (DeFi/OpFi) to remedy inefficiencies in pass border bills and enterprise financing. As a byproduct of fixing those problems, Persistence objectifies to permit basically new capital to go into the cryptocurrency industry.

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