A Deep Dive into Seascape Staking Saloon Combo Bonuses

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readOct 23, 2021


With only a few days left before the current season of Seascape Staking Saloon on Moonriver, draws to a close, let’s take a look at some of the Combo Bonuses that users can take advantage of in this final stage of the campaign.

Devoted fans of Seascape are already in the know that Staking Saloon, Seascape’s third modular DeFi game, was released and has had an amazing turnout in previous seasons. To make things even more incredible, Seascape launched their Combo blaster campaign, in which scores of fans discovered bits and pieces of the complete puzzle when it comes to which combos give which bonuses.

There are 296 different sets of 3 Scapes that will give bonus rewards. Let’s dive in and explore some of the combos in order to help you understand how to burn those Scapes.

There are currently six characters available to stake on Seascape: Thump, Trixie, Quicksand, Armstrong, Mercy, and the rare character Tatters. They are all Gen 0 NFTs. Tatters is presently only available in Common form, as he was a reward for participating in the BakerySwap campaign. The rest are divided into five categories: Common, Special, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Quality — Power Level

Common — 600

Special — 6000

Rare — 13500

Epic — 30000

Legendary — 60000

Different Scape characters with different qualities

Here, we’ll consider the different combos of characters and the resulting bonuses that can be gained.

  • With two Special Scapes of the same character, as long as the third character is Special or higher, you can expect a 6% bonus.
  • You can get an 18% bonus if you have two Rare Scapes of the same character and the third character is Rare or higher.
  • With two Epic Scapes of the same character, as long as the third character is Epic or higher, you can expect a 30% bonus.
  • With two Legendary Scapes of the same character, as long as the third character is also Legendary, you can expect a 70% bonus.

Finally, here are some hints to remember while playing …

It makes no difference which orders your Scapes are in for Staking Saloon. Place your bets in any order as long as you have the desired combination. If you’ve staked three Scapes that don’t produce the desired combination, you can change it by burning individual Scapes and replacing them as needed. Bonus rewards are only obtained when you CLAIM ALL, so make sure you only do so when you have the desired combination.

We hope this was useful, and that you can now go out there and burn to earn. If you haven’t already, make sure to play Staking Saloon on both the BSC and the Ethereum Mainnet !!

Join the winning train today, play, and earn with Seascape!



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