A review on AuditOne’s Research Report on NEAR Protocol

Good news guys! AUDIT.one, one of Persistence’s top-notch product is joining hands with NEAR Protocol in a bid to provide staking services and contributions to network security for token holders on NEAR Protocol. This will be done by running a validator node. The AUDIT.one team intends to maintain a strong partnership with NEAR for the rest of their growth stage.

At AUDIT.one, the team has compiled and released a concise research report detailing every facet of NEAR Protocol to integrate a wider portion of the Proof of Stake community to NEAR Protocol. Another objective here is to relay AUDIT.one’s enthusiasm to be in liaison with NEAR. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The AUDIT.one team has put in effort to compile a meticulous report to outline the supremely important characteristics that make NEAR Protocol the best choice for decentralized application stakes and developers in terms of excellence and functionality.

This report explicitly examines NEAR Protocol’s capacity to scale blockchain problems related to the usability and innovation of decentralized applications. One distinct aspect of the report focuses on the impressive token economics and consensus design of NEAR Protocol. The report explains why these features are the number one choice of delegates and validators.

Key Takeaways from the Research

  • NEAR Protocol is a superb choice for dApps developers and stakes.
  • NEAR Protocol is a decentralized cloud platform for development that helps to establish dApps on it.
  • NEAR Protocol is a unique protocol created to thoroughly scale challenges faced by other blockchains.
  • NEAR Protocol is easy-to-use and designed with extensive resourcing and is largely centered on being a springboard for the growth of blockchains and crypto.
  • NEAR Protocol highlights the effectiveness of security, smooth development, scaling, and how these important factors can be attained.

In summation, NEAR Protocol is clearly on its way to expose the industry through user access through traditional web applications and smooth development of decentralized applications. The team consists of seasoned individuals and is supported by bigshot industry players.

Topic Areas of the Research Report

  • NEAR’s Protocol Design: this contains an overview of the outstanding design of NEAR Protocol which helps to propel growth and adoption.
  • NEAR as a Solution: this aspect highlights how NEAR Protocol intends to scale challenges of scalability and protocol design in the industry.
  • Development: this details the developer-friendly nature of NEAR Protocol while providing valuable insight into NEAR Projects.
  • NEAR’s value on the present and future: this showcases how the overall design of NEAR Protocol is created to accommodate the present as well as future market and development of the crypto industry.
  • Validators and Staking: this provides in-depth examination of the NEAR token holder’s staking experience and validation mechanism.

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