Benefits of Seascape’s partnership with BigBang

One of the most significant indicators by which you can measure a project is the partnerships and collaborations it is involved in. It shows the level of consideration and planning that has been engaged in broadening the project’s horizons increasing its exposure. Seascape has never been found wanting in this regard. Their partnerships have all been top tier and strategically positioned to produce a synergistic effect on both projects in the partnership.

On this note, I’m excited to introduce Seascape’s latest partner, the big-name gaming company, BigBang! Seascape’s partnership is expected to enhance its game types and genres and help bring more opportunities in play-to-earn to a broader customer base than ever before. For those unfamiliar with BigBang, it is a company specializing in the game and entertainment industries, with a team made up of experienced and professional game industry members. They have previously created and operated several applications and browser games, and they intend to continue their mission of bringing tremendous fun to be new and exciting audiences.

In 2022, they will make their first foray into NFTs and gaming, focusing on extending the prospects of the gaming experience globally. This is a significant reason why they are highly compatible with Seascape, as Seascape’s primary goal is to encourage NFTs to realize their full potential as financial assets. Throughout the year 2022, the main focus of this collaboration will be to establish new styles of play and engagement with contemporary art, characters, and Gamefi elements. In addition, with this collaboration, Seascape hopes to enter the exciting world of Asian gaming, with a focus on Japanese gamers.

The Big Bang boss, Atsushi Kitagawa, was quick to shower praises on the union of these two projects, “We have been focusing on blockchain games and P2E game development for the past year, and are currently developing game logic to adopt a variety of game genres, including MMORPGs, to P2E. Together with Seascape, we want to provide a new user experience. Creating games using tokens and NFTs is a fun challenge, and we look forward to developing fun and exciting way to create Play-To-Earn games!”

Even Nicky Li, CEO and Co-founder of Seascape, was ecstatic by the partnership, “Seascape is proud and excited to partner with BIGBANG. We look forward to working together to bring excellent Japanese-style game products and NFT series to gamers worldwide, enriching Seascape’s platform offerings while bringing more play to earn opportunities to fans of Gamefi.”

There you have it, folks! This partnership is just another package in the truckload of surprises that Seascape has in store for the DeFi gaming space. Keep your eyes peeled, as there will be more news in the coming weeks!




Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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