Bluzelle aims to enhance DeFi projects through Bluzelle Oracles

Decentralized data network Bluzelle, has taken the DeFi industry by storm with the launch of their new Oracles. Powered by the BluzelleDB database and its hundreds of validator nodes database, these unique Oracles have been designed to provide enhanced security and price reliability to DeFi applications, as well as to interact with fully decentralized databases.

The launch of these ultra-modern Oracles by Bluzelle, couldn’t come at a better time, as in the past few months, we have witnessed the DeFi space grow at an unprecedented rate, which has led to the significant rise in the demand for key infrastructures necessary for the smooth running of DeFi projects.

What problems will Bluzelle Oracles solve?

Before now, existing Blockchain Oracles, have been unable to balance the scale between speed and security, and unfortunately, this has contributed in stunting the growth of a large number of DeFi projects, in recent years. Evidently, for a sector like DeFi where huge financial decisions are constantly being, the need for a fast and secure Oracle, cannot be overemphasized.

What makes Bluzelle Oracles superior to others?

1. Fast pricing intervals:

2. High-quality price data:

3. Advanced security triggers:

For more information on how Bluzelle Oracles work, visit their Official Blog Post

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