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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readNov 7, 2020

As the biggest dPoS Decentralized Database currently providing businesses across the globe with the much-needed infrastructure to enable them stay free from data breaches, performance problems and network failures, Bluzelle has carved a niche for itself in the blockchain industry, since its inception in 2014 by Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka.

The duo grabbed the prime opportunity to implement Blockchain Tech that improves internet quality of clients and today, the brand is committed to balance technological power structures and provide easy access to information through decentralization.

Following a growth surge in 2019, Bluzelle has expanded even further; partnering with a wide range of other blockchain projects to provide a more decentralized framework for financial data.

So what has Bluzelle been up to lately?

Recently, the Bluzelle has partnered with HedgeTraders, giving the latter access to a decentralized solution for managing, keeping and breaking down all data generated on the HedgeTraders social trading platform.

This social trading platform is not only super popular but the first of its kind to integrate the interests of experts and beginners alike, enabling decentralization and a compatible database.

Another major partnership Bluzelle has entered into of late, is with Matic Network; the industry’s top layer 2 scaling platform for Ethereum. If you transact on the blockchain network and you got past the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably would understand the need for privacy and security in this post COVID-19 era.

Bluzelle complements Matic’s objective of providing developers with a 100% decentralized tech stack. Matic is a superb answer to majority of the uses cases Bluzelle is designed for. And this is why this partnership is invaluable.

Another major on Bluzelle’s partnership list is with Elrond. Elrond is a CMC top 40 project currently at the forefront in the industry’s platform for providing scalability and usability using novel sharding. Together, Bluzelle and Elrond will conduct extensive research that will uncover other unique-cases supported by automated data provisioning.

You can agree that in the last few months, the brand has been busy. Bluzelle has also partnered with Polkadot to push its objective of becoming the number data layer for Web3. Polkadot is currently the spearhead of the Web3 Foundation project. By diving into the Polkadot bionetwork, Bluezelle can provide solutions without relying on centralized data centers.

There’s more! Bluzelle has also recently partnered with TomoChain to provide DeFi with more security, discretion and scalability. By partnering with Bluzelle, TomoChain’s TomoDEX can enjoy trustworthy price data feeds from Bluzelle Oracles. Maximizing protocols and products created by TomoChain, both brands can fuse resources together to generate wide-scale adoption in DeFi & DApps.

Lastly, Bluzelle finalizes its series of awesome partnership by integrating resources with StaFi Protocol, the number one DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. In this partnership, Bluezelle will contribute mapping information, redemption, transaction and pledge to support Stafi’s staking contract. And what makes this fusion great for Bluzelle? The answer is simple. Proof beyond reasonable doubt that Bluzelle can channel data on-chain for platforms enabled by smart contract.

The month of November already promises to be an eventful one, as Bluzelle has just recently kicked-off the Bluzelle-Polkadot Week. This special event will see Bluzelle make series of partnership announcements with several Polkadot-based projects, and also celebrate the with us!

Without doubt, the Bluzelle ecosystem is currently experiencing major adoption. Obviously, there appear to be a lot up the sleeve of the Bluzelle Team for the blockchain industry, and these partnerships are just a glimpse of what is to come in the nearest future. You might want to keep an eye on them, as I would be providing more insights about the Bluzelle-Polkadot week in my next article!

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