EasyFi Partnership with Halborn: Audit and Total Security

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In light of the recent Security Incident that was experienced on the network, EasyFi has secured a major partnership with one of the best cybersecurity on the block, to ensure that they get all-round security for their network, in order to prevent future occurrences.

This partnership was forged for security and auditing. In other words, Halborn Security will be collaborating with EasyFi as an advisor in the latter’s security and auditing affairs for every of their infrastructures on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

This development adequately satisfies EasyFi’s need for auditing for its security practices and smart contract codes. Halborn’s primary contribution is their solid exposure with executing a wide range of security audits and managing a series of cryptographic standards and security audits.

Why was this partnership so essential?

EasyFi’s need for auditing and security was prompted following a minor security compromise in April this year. Without wasting further time, the network proceeded to create and implement effective solutions such as security protocols and augmentations.

Both teams are looking forward to a sustained relationship in the years to come and this partnership in its initial stage features:

  • Smart Contract Audits & Security Testing

This protocol will be conducted at regular intervals for setting up EasyFi protocol extensively using innovative products and services. In the partnership, Halborn will be carrying out this protocol, enabling and ensuring that code structure stays secured and top-notch.

  • General Cybersecurity Practices

The security breach at EasyFi prompts the need for a structured design and security game plan solid enough to lessen the chances of a repeat incident. EasyFi’s expectations are strong security from any kind of breach or compromise.

This partnership will enable EasyFi to conduct thorough research on authentication protocol, security structure, and requirements, secure all its data, networks, software, system, and info system from possible threats.

And also execute security checks, tests for vulnerability and threat examinations. With Halborn, EasyFi will be able to look into security solutions with the requirements for business-standard analysis. Lastly, EasyFi will be able to develop sound IT-level security architectures.

  • All-inclusive Infrastructure Risk Assessments

In line with EasyFi’s current objective, Halborn will contribute to ensuring that every participant, tech, and protocol involved in infrastructure risk assessment is deliberated on and carried out safely.

  • Launching DevSecOps Best methods

EasyFi’s DevOps will also undergo refreshing change as this partnership will be creating fool-proof protocols necessary for this phase of the journey for both networks. This aspect of growth will have EasyFi stretching practices for global security to their tech space. Halborn on the other hand will be guiding this process by functioning as an advisor on effective procedures, structure codes, cloud hosting options, and automation.

  • Penetration Testing

This final feature Will see Halborn conducting thorough inspections to fish out potentially damaging weaknesses. Here, cyber-attacks or strategies by threats will simply be simulated.



Research Writer ǀ Web3 Marketer ǀ Petroleum Engineering Graduate ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Web3 Marketer ǀ Petroleum Engineering Graduate ǀ Part-time Journalist