Full Insight on Lighthouse

Like you already know, Lighthouse is now live, and to avoid issues at the point of registration, here’s a quick guide to help. Before we start, it is important that you already have a Metamask wallet which is the pioneer wallet of Seascape, if you don’t have it you can easily download it via the link.

Be sure to check out the FAQ section to know the DOs and DON’Ts also don’t miss the security section and be sure to keep your seed phrase extremely safe and private. Now, head on to the Lighthouse and make sure you use the appropriate link.

After this, click “connect wallet” at the top right corner of your screen or just click the button on the pop-up that appears on the Tiers page. As Tiers requirements are being checked on ETH, BSC, and MOVR, the IDO funding will happen on MOVR. Ensure Moonriver network is added to your wallet and if you don’t know how you can follow these easy steps:

The next step is passing you KYC and this process just needs to be done once and not at every IDO. To get this done, you first have to confirm your country is on the eligibility list by checking the FAQ. Click on “profile” and access your profile page then click the yellow hyperlink. Next, you need to provide proof of identity and residence. Not all documents will be acceptable but a few recommended proofs of identity include ID card, Passport, Residence Permit, Driver’s License.

For residence, accepted proofs include bank statements, Utility bills (Not older than 3 months), Tax returns, Council tax bills, Government-issued certifications of residence, Internet/cable TV/house phone line bills, and the likes.

Be sure to submit an appropriate document from the list given above. A few unacceptable proofs include screenshots, mobile phone bills, medical bills, receipts for purchases, and Insurance statements

After this take a selfie while rotating your head in real-time, submit and wait to be accepted. It could take up to two hours but it’s mostly less than that.

If after following the due process, you still don’t get accepted, drop a message in the customer support section. After due acceptance, it’s time to claim your Tiers. To do this, click the link below for adequate information.

When you have at least Tier 1 and have passed the KYC, go to the projects page to find the project you are interested in. If registrations are open, click the banner on the home page, scroll down and click on Register in the project information section. When it is approved, you will receive a confirmation message.

The IDO is divided into three phases. The first is for registration and it takes 7 days during which you must have passed the KYC.

After the registration phase finishes, Phase two begins where the Random Allotment will take place. Users of various Tiers will be randomly selected and they will have 5 days to pre-fund. Failure to complete will concede their allotment automatically to the Auction Pool. Prefunding is a fixed price while Auction Pool funding is based on user preference. Winners of the allotments who pre-fund will lose their Tier, which is the only way to lose one’s Tier.

After the pre-fund phase comes Phase three, the Auction Pool. Here, participants who did not win the Random Allotments will have 24 Hours to invest once. In the end, they will receive a percentage of project tokens in the pool depending on how much they spent compared to how much was spent by everyone in the pool.

Congratulations, we’ve come to the end of this process. Follow all steps accordingly and the sky will be your dashboard.

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