Full Insight on Seascape Trading Competition with Refinable

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Did you know that scapes are now available for trade on Refinable? Awesome! If you’re a lit Scaper then you are in for some more amazing trading options and it’s just in time for NFT Brawl Season 3. There’s a lot in-store to grab right now and you’ve got this golden opportunity to bag more scapes for as low as one CWS, getting in on the refined trading so, you don’t want to take this lightly.

To be a part of the “Victors” this season, you can either be a raffle winner or a top trader and to participate in either of these categories, you just need to follow some simple steps.

Firstly to participate in the raffle, you will need to fill out the form provided by the Seascape Network on their page. This is really important because, only wallet addresses on that form will be considered.

What are the rules?

They are really clear, for every three Scapes you sell or buy, you get a ticket that will be included to the raffle. Each raffle can total up to five tickets and at the end forty (40) winners will emerge. Each winner receives a brand new Tatters Gen 2 common NFT, like I said before, amazing!

The next process is for becoming a top trader. You start off basically the same way as the raffle participants which is the filling out the form on the Seascape page, like I said earlier, only wallet addresses on that form will be acknowledged. The network will then measure the total transactions of the traders involved, the buys and sells then, the top three (3) will be selected.

The winners will be announced and rewarded for their work and the prizes are:

First place — Legendary & Epic Tatters

Second place — Legendary Tatters

Third place — Epic Tatters

Great prizes to be won and all from your comfort zone. The steps are simple and your chances are high so, remember to follow all the guidelines given and note that trading within your own wallet will make you ineligible for the prizes! Head now to NFT Brawl Season 3 and also keep tabs on the Seascape space to get more information on what’s new.

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