Full Insight on Seascape’s Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an IDO launchpad dedicated to DeFi gaming and game developer utility. Using this platform, you may discover fresh and exciting gaming projects to fund while earning rewards and profit for your efforts. Simultaneously, new projects will get the funds they require to launch a fresh new game with its own token, backed by Crowns.

What does it entail exactly ?

Users generally learn how to operate the play-to-earn model of gaming by interacting in the Seascape community using Crowns, Scape NFTs, games and other activities. These users are assigned different tiers, ranging from 0 to 3, which acts as a limit on the amount they are able to allocate for funding projects.

NOTE: only members within Tiers 1 and 3 can participate in this round. Individuals (to be chosen at random) can allocate increasing sums to initiatives of their choice.

If you don’t make it to the allocation phase, there is a secondary auction pool where you may still get in on the action. The admittance of players at different Tier levels into the auction will be determined by whether or not they were successful in the allocation phase. The Lighthouse auction pool is distinctive in that all interested and qualified parties will be able to support the project to whatever extent they are able.

When the game is launched, users who contributed to the initial project financing pool or the auction pool will receive Allocation NFTs in the amount they donated. These can be traded in the gaming project’s token, for Crowns, on the open market, or for the first round of funding for a new project.

The first step is claiming your Tiers. Seascape already has a resource management strategy game called Moonscape that eagerly awaits funding from gamers. Players get to collect resources, build cjties and plunder rivals. The game utilizes DeFi tools and systems to create an engaging platform for the ultimate gaming experience. More games like this are sure to come through Lighthouse.

To participate in the game, users will have to go through the KYC process which will be ongoing for the next few weeks. However, users in the US, China and other sanctioned countries will be unable to take part in the IDO. Get online and start interacting with the Seascape community because the future of DeFi gaming is here.

Seascape is breaking limits everyday, the possibilities are endless! Join the winning train today, play and earn with Seascape.

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