GazeTV : Revolutionising Social Entertainment

Never heard before but currently making waves, GazeTV is an ecosystem for social entertainment that integrates reward benefits for every content located in the ecosystem. Offering unique features to its fans and potential users, GazeTV is set to give video content platforms like YouTube a run for their money. With this content creation platform, high value is not only placed on exceptional content, users are shielded from exploitation by the presence of motivation or rewards for every single content put up by users.

GazeTV is simply not like any other video content creation platform in the market. One thing that sets it apart is its tokenization which content creators stand to benefit from. Its entire structure is also developed in favor of the patronizing audience.

One notable distinction with GazeTV is its immense customer and user orientation. The founders of GazeTV believe that content creation should not only be viewed and enjoyed but rewarded. And this focus applies to the audience and not just their precious content creators. This rare acknowledgment of audience is why GazeTV will soon be playing in the big leagues of video content.

About GAZE Token

For the aspect of tokenization, the GAZE token functions as the medium of exchange for rewards in the Gazer community which is solidly supported by a decentralized blockchain. Serving as an ERC-20 compatible token registered under the name GAZE is Ethereum.

In the Gazer community, all transactions are conducted in GAZE tokens which can either be transferred to the ERC-20 wallets of users or disbursed right on the GazeTV platform. These transactions include rewards.

What GazeTV is doing differently from other social entertainment platforms is that they are covering the loopholes found in other similar platforms in the industry. Where the audience and content creators are the ones giving to the average video content creation platform, GazeTV has developed a way to give back to its users.


Finally, GazeTV stands out in the game for its culture of offering support and donations on its platform as well as creating better data for video content creators on its platform. All contents are synchronized in an automated fashion for flawless results and a blockchain backend exists for monitoring engagements and views which users can earn from. As we mentioned before, tokenized rewards have also been integrated into the ecosystem through a token distribution model.

The list practically goes on and on with GazeTV and the future certainly looks bright for this new kid on the block.

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