Guide on how to Register on the Lighthouse

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Lighthouse is about to blast into a new world and you’ve been invited to take a front-row seat. There are important details you must take note of before starting. Firstly, only players who have scaled through the KYC with a minimum of Tier 1 are eligible to join the IDO which happens once per project. for future projects, you don’t need to undergo KYC again, once will suffice.

Users join for their highest Tier also for the ones below it. For example, an individual that is Tier 3, can win for Tier 3, Tier2, and Tier 1. You will lose your entire Tier after funding for a project with the random allotments, regardless of the Tier you won but if the requirements change for preceding projects, your Tier will not be affected.

To start off, you need to get your KYC sorted out because some laws restrict certain countries from participating. However, Seascape welcomes everyone to partake in the many other available avenues as they don’t control IDO laws. Once you register for a project, you will be required to undergo the KYC process and the results regularly come out within minutes, after that, go and get your Tiers. At the end of the registration, your Tiers will be read, meaning that growing your Tiers should be a top priority. Make sure you get your highest Tier before the registration ends and the Random Allocation begins.

At this point, your registration is live and you have a few days to register for the IDO, until 17th November 2021 at 2:30pm UTC, then comes the Random Allotment. If you are chosen for the Random Allotment, you will get a limited amount of time to pre-fund for your allotment. When the pre-funding period reaches (Scheduled to end 22nd November 2021), you will get an email as well as a pop-up in the Lighthouse signaling that you may start funding. If you haven’t pre-funded by now, you will lose your allotment and it will be added to the Auction Pool by November 23rd. All participants will have 24 hours to fund their portion of the auction pool (Times are subject to fluctuate mildly pending extenuating circumstances).

How to be a part of the Auction Pool

It is open exclusively to those who attempted to participate in the Random Allotment but lost so, they will have at least Tier 1. You will be guaranteed some of the project’s tokens as long as you take part and fund. You may only fund once, but you can actually fund for as much as you want.

At the end of the Auction Pool, you will get your percentage of the funded pool in the project’s token, just ensure you fund as much as you can. The first 100 people to fund will get a Lighthouse NFT free. Note that your Tier is not consumed and can be used in future projects. The future is at your fingertips, don’t let it slip off.

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