How Seascape is fueling a Hybrid Gaming Ecosystem

The DeFi gaming space is about to be stormed and the force behind this is non other than the Seascape Network. They plan on spicing things up with a brand new project, giving you more power than you’ve ever had before. It’s always a thrill gaming with Seascape as you not only enjoy a wonderful gaming experience but also earn as you go. That new project is the Seascape Lighthouse and it’s now up and running.

The Seascape Lighthouse is a recent project that places more power to the users. It is a new IDO launchpad that allows users to support new games while still in their infancy. At this stage if you’re a true gamer or just a fan of Seascape, this is the best time for you to support the network. Your support will allow the game to gain wide attention while you also get rewarded financially for having fun. This will surely help remold the future landscape of DeFi games.

There’s so much to partake in and you shouldn’t miss out on any. By now you must have spotted different projects you believe in, so, it’s up to you to gain higher tiers in order to allocate funds to those projects. You can also join in the projects auction pool to be a part of the party in case you miss out on a tier allocation.

Here’s something else! You can access Allotment NFTs from your investment be collected for the project’s token burned in exchange for Crowns. It can also be used in the future projects so, always be up to date with the network to know when the time will be right. By showing your support and making investments in the projects of your choice, you are becoming a part of the pioneering era of the play-to-earn revolution.

Lighthouse has now launched it’s first project. The Moonscape is that project and it comes as a breath of fresh air in the resource management strategy gaming world. The players engage the game by making enhancement moves on their towns with DeFi features while exploring a futuristic moon.

The strategic development game will allow players to access resources using DeFi mechanics, breaking into competing cities and plundering with the help of faithful allies. The player must be ready to give all in a race for Moon-domination and and steady profits. It’s great to know you don’t go empty handed but receive rewards for your skills and persistence. If you need more information just head on to the Seascape network’s official page. Get going, have fun and start earning today.

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