How to take Advantage of Seascape Epic Merch Campaign

Great news! Seascape is giving all art enthusiasts on their platform a mouthwatering opportunity to immortalize their pieces on the Seascape mercy. So if you have a hankering to see your works transformed into visual masterpieces then this is your chance.

What’s the gig? A fresh, brilliant design competition for merchandise. Winners get to see their content posted back and forth on Seascape’s official merch on sale globally. The floor is open! Give Seascape your best representation of the brand from wherever you are in the crypto-verse.

You stand a chance to get lucky with your design on a hoodie for a hat. Just let loose on your creative juices for this. The Seascape Epic Merch Campaign kicks off on the 24th of November and runs for two weeks non-stop before closing on the 8th of December, 2021.

There’s more! The best three designers get to take home a cash prize reward plus free mercy kit. You don’t just get cash prizes and freebies, your winning design will be a part of the merch line for Seascape. This is open for global purchases.

Here are the rules:

1. Follow @SeascapeNetwork on Twitter

2. Like the announcement tweet, RT and Tag 3 friends

3. Design either a hat or a hoodie

4. Post your Design tweet with the hashtag #SeascapeSwag

5. Drop your Design tweet link in the Seascape TG group(

In case you’re a guru at churning up creative ideas, you can submit more than one design through separate entries. One tip you can leverage is to use the Moonscape and Seascape Kit for making your pieces.

See the prizes for the top 3 winners below:

  1. First place: $100 + 1 Merch Package
  2. Second place: $50 + 1 Merch Package
  3. Third place: $25 + 1 Merch Package
  4. Merch Package includes 1 hoodie + 1 hat

The rules are simple. Be a participant on the Seascape Telegram group, have a maximum of 3 designs that are Seascape or Moonscape themed.

Before we wrap this up, note that Seascape has the right to cancel an entry if the quality doesn’t meet Seascape standards. Other grounds for removal of entry is if a particular entry violates the rules of the campaign or if the work you entered is stolen, copied, or. out of the context of the campaign.

The heat is on! Team Seascape is excited to see what the community is going to whip in this campaign. How high up are you willing to take your creative notch? Join the contest and see for yourself.




Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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