Insight on PancakeSwap MSCP Trading Campaign

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
2 min readDec 11, 2021

Hi there, friends‼ Welcome aboard this voyage through the Seascape Network once again. For this journey, we will be considering the MSCP token as it applies to the PancakeSwap Trading Campaign.

For readers that are new to the Seascape ecosystem, the MSCP token is the official token of Moonscape, a resource management strategy game introduced by Seascape on its IDO launchpad, Lighthouse. The token was recently released and is currently available for both BSC and MOVR, with users having the ability to trade it on SeaDex or PancakeSwap, as well as having the chance to earn it in any of the Lighthouse Pools.

Back to the PancakeSwap Trading Campaign, users can now get their BSC chain MSCP tokens today on PancakeSwap and in very exciting ways too! For this campaign, users get the opportunity to win Moonscape City NFT. Of course, this is targeted at the most loyal members of the community because the NFTs are actually yet to go on sale for minting. The move is simply a promotion strategy for the NFTs and also the MSCP token on BSC chain.

What are the benefits of the Moonscape City NFT?

The best thing about the City NFT is that you get your own city with 5 buildings selected at random. The buildings will serve the purpose of helping with city maintenance in the game, as well as gathering DeFi earnings. The higher the quality of the city, the higher the earning power; although, each city will be quite valuable.

To get the City NFT, you will have to partake in the raffle that is already underway. The raffle will end on the 21st of December so head on there and trade! The process of the raffle will have two winners selected at random, each of them receiving one Common City NFT.

On the other hand, top traders have a much sweeter deal. They will be measured based on the amount of transactions (both buying and selling) they undertake during the campaign period. At the end of the campaign, on the 21st of December, the top 3 with the highest volume will be revealed. The rewards will be distributed as follows: 1st place will receive an Epic City NFT, 2nd position gets a Rare City NFT, and the 3rd position receives a Special City NFT.

As the campaign goes on, more information and updates will be released. Keep watching this space as we will be delivering the news as they come! Join the winning team today, play, and earn with Seascape!



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