Insight on Seascape Activities at GDC 2022

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It’s another session with Seascape, and today’s focus is on the just concluded Game Developers Conference (GDC). This year’s GDC took place in San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center from the 21st of March to the 25th of March. The event this year marked the return of live, physical meetings, as opposed to the virtual events that have been going on for the last two years because of the Covid pandemic. It had about 12,000 industry professionals available and an extra 5,000 joining the conference’s virtual platform, which was open to increasing attendee accessibility, leading to 17,000 attendees.

The event had some bigwigs like Amazon, Nintendo, Google, and others on the exhibition floor, showing their latest tech, software, and services. The Seascape Network also had a team present during the event, not to be found slacking. They took this splendid opportunity to connect with other like-minded projects and developers. Also present at the event was Seascape’s partner studio, MetaKings! The MetaKings team was there to unveil their AAA launch game Blocklords, and Seascape was in full support.

According to the Seascape Brand Director, Matthew:

“It was a great privilege to be one of the delegates to represent web3 gaming for Seascape Network and Blocklords at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco for their first big reunion event post-pandemic. Amazing passion + energy as the gaming industry was reunited to share innovations, network and forge new partnerships!”

Apart from supporting their partner, Seascape spent time spreading the word about their DeFi and NFT platform services for game developers and holding several partnership planning sessions with other studios planning to launch an IDO on Lighthouse later this year. The team saw a constant flow of visitors to the Seascape booth, many of whom had questions about Seascape and Defi games and many requests for Seascape’s gaming industry services. A fantastic turnout for the Blockchain community!

Klemen, the Seascape Project Manager, captured it best, “It was one of the most interesting experiences. So many cool and progressive people. It makes you feel that you are a part of something authentic that’s changing somebody’s life. Seeing what other companies are doing was also an unusual thing since you see there are no limitations to what the technology of our time can do. We saw everything from feedback suits to blockchain gaming. From the most imaginable to the most physically, you could say”

The Seascape team came back from the event with a renewed vigour towards delivering the best that the DeFi game work has seen. Please keep your eyes peeled as these next few weeks will show the results of their hard work!

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Web3 Marketer ǀ Petroleum Engineering Graduate ǀ Part-time Journalist