Insight on Seascape and Kucoin Reward Campaign

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The KuCoin community has recently done a splendid job of supporting the project's CWS and as a way of giving back to users, the KuCoin team is set to kickstart a campaign to distribute a sweet prize pool of $50,000 in CWS to every KuCoin user; as long as they are qualified that is.

And when is this giveaway campaign going to run? The date and time for this steamroll is set at Nov 5, 2021, 12:00:00 to November 12, 2022, 12:00:00 (UTC). Let's take a look at the activities that would set this campaign in motion.

Every user with so much as a CWS net buying volume withdrawals, buying and selling of up to 100 CWS on KuCoin stands the chance of bagging their share of the CWS prize pool valued at $40,000.

Moving forward, every other user who qualifies to join in the goodies gets a share of CWS worth $15,000. This will be in proportion to their trading volume. Keep in mind that this is inapplicable to the top 30 winners in this campaign.

Eligible users for this are users with a net buying volume of 20 CWS who also beef up their favorites list with the CWS/USDT trading pair. These users get to evenly share a CWS prize pool worth $10,000.

The KuCoin reward campaign has some specifications you need to look out for, so don't stop reading. Highlighted below are some of the criteria participants have to meet in order to be eligible:

  1. The calculation of the number of rewards is based on the average closing price of CWS/USDT. This is for the duration of the campaign.
  2. All rewards will be distributed in 7 working days following the round off of this campaign.
  3. All Master accounts and sub-accounts will be identified as the same accounts in the CWS activity.
  4. All top 30 winners are automatically ineligible to receive rewards in Activity 2 if they have received due rewards in Activity 1.
  5. Updates on the top 10 rankings on Activity 1 will be sent out by KuCoin before 13:00 on November 9, 2021 (UTC).
  6. All final rankings will be updated in 5 working days after the campaign ends.
  7. KuCoin can exercise sole discretion on a transaction they consider to be nefarious. This means that they can overrule the eligibility of any such transaction by a user.
  8. KuCoin reserves the right to meticulously inspect trading activity on the platform as the campaign unfolds.
  9. Cancellation of eligibility will take place with immediate effect following the conduct of malicious acts such as self-dealing, manipulating transactions, illegal bulk registration of accounts, etc.
  10. All final decisions by KuCoin on participants are legal and binding. Users are advised to confirm the authenticity and voluntary use of KuCoin.

So guys, what are you waiting for? If you meet criteria for this massive giveaway by KuCoin then join the bandwagon and win big! The clock is ticking.

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