Insight on Seascape Profit Circus 3 on Moonriver

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readNov 6, 2021

Big news gamers, the Circus is back in town! Seascape presents the latest version of Profit Circus ‼ In this version, Profit Circus will offer users the chance to stake liquidity tokens in exchange for spectacular play-to-earn rewards. Users can easily add liquidity on SeaDex ‼

This season proves to be an amazing one as Profit Circus returns with its offer of mouthwatering APR, some of the best you can find in the DeFi world, for eager players. Even better is the fact that for this round, users will have the opportunity to stake on two pools ‼ Users get the choice to play not just with a CWS-MOVR LP pool, but with a RIB-MOVR LP pool as well. You get the offer of two different options to play to earn, two different ways to earn Generation 2 Scapes. You even get a free common Scape delivered into your wallet if you complete a staking duration of 24 hours. How amazing is that ?!

This offer for users to compete and earn from two different pools of rewards started on the 3rd of November, 2021. It is going to be available for 60 days after that date, a period of time where 1,500 MOVR in the CWS-MOVR LP pool and 50 RIB in the RIB-MOVR LP pool will be up for grabs ‼ Remember that Scapes are the first set of NFTs on Moonriver and as such, will prove a very valuable resource for players at the front limes of DeFi gaming. Scapes are sort of gaming royalty, you see?

To acquire RIB-MOVR LP tokens, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Get some MOVR.

MOVR is the utility token for Moonriver and is necessary for many transactions throughout the network. First head over to Kucoin or to trade MOVR on the USDT.

  • Step 2: Add Moonriver to your wallet.

It will be necessary to add Moonriver network to your wallet of choice before interacting with SeaDex

  • Step 3: Acquire RIB tokens.

First, add RIB to your wallet. You can do this in Metamask by clicking on Add Token at the bottom of the page. Then add the official RIB address to your wallet: 0xbD90A6125a84E5C512129D622a75CDDE176aDE5E

Keep in mind to check prices frequently and be wary of price differences that could result in a temporary loss.

  • Step 4: Add Liquidity

Just connect your wallet and click on the Liquidity section. Input the amount of liquidity you’d like to add, which will come from your total amount of MOVR tokens. Once you’ve added liquidity, you’ll receive RIB-MOVR LP tokens.

The circus has returned to town, and with it, profits for all. So, join the winning train today, play, and earn with Seascape!



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