Insight on the Lighthouse NFT Trading Festival

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As the year draws closer to its conclusion everyone seems to in one way or the other close the curtains of the year as plans are being developed to ensure the actualization of high expectations set for the coming year 2022. However, for the Seascape network being a unique one designed for the DeFi and NFT ecosystem, having a focus on usability and quality is certainly living up to its vision with its recent strides and other notable developments.

Not relenting even for a minute, the network is set to make history by hosting its first-ever NFT trading festival. Seascape is creating a list and the network is set to put a concluding smile on your face as we draw close to the year’s end. If you play your cards right, you stand a chance to become the biggest collector but the real question remains, are you ready for this?

From across the various realms of the crypto sphere, users will come to compete for a total of one million (1,000,000 MSCP) in the brand new player-created-coin for the upcoming game Moonscape, MSCP. This is unbelievable for every true gamer seeing as the games have not even been launched and yet the wins have begun.

Right from this very moment, the fiesta has begun and it will run up till December 25th. Seascape will be monitoring the community and watching closely to see how many Lighthouse NFTs everyone is able to bag successfully through the Scape Store.

As stated earlier, Seascape is a unique network and this here is a unique opportunity which if not handled with care can slip away. It would interest you to know that there are only 100 Lighthouse NFTs in total, and the more you can get your hands on the better for you. The score will be kept to keep you in the light and this will be done via a weekly leaderboard showing the top ten traders and how many Lighthouse NFTs they have been able to obtain.

On the 25th, you can wake up not just with a sense of reward but an actual one too if you can trade your way to the top three with the most Lighthouse NFTs in their possession. The first place will be set to receive Five hundred thousand (500,000 MSCP), followed by the second place who will receive three hundred and twenty-five thousand (325,000 MSCP), and finally the third place will be rewarded with One hundred and seventy-five thousand (175,000 MSCP).

The stage is set, go and win!

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