Insights on Seascape Partnership with prePO

Seascape has yet again, reached another remarkable partnership milestone through their most recent partnership with prePO. prePO is a decentralized platform that makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to be exposed to any pre-IPO company or pre-token project, mostly start-ups.

prePO has a mission to decentralize pre-public equity — transforming a world of financial ostracism into a world of unrestricted access. With this approach, they make it possible for everyone to go long or short on pre-public assets and make them available to liquidity providers and all traders with bonus incentives through PPO token rewards and idle interest from profit farms.

The partnership would see prePO present an NFT game tagged, ‘Acquisition Royale’. This game is set to be an upcoming play-2-earn battle royale NFT game themed around mergers and acquisitions and generally open to persons who have their original Enterprise NFTs. There would be 25 Enterprise NFTs that would be up to be competed for by participants. This way with the more actions taken, the more opportunities that would be made available for persons to win.

What Exactly is Acquisition Royale?

Acquisition Royale is an NFT game. It is a battle royale game on Polygon which will be themed around mergers and acquisition and would see players strategically fighting to gain corporate domination. In this game, the stronger your Enterprise becomes, the more power you are set to have in the market.

On Acquisition Royale, each Enterprise NFT would over time earn Runaway Points (RP) which can in turn be used to obtain other Enterprises, or in the alternative, protect your own Enterprise from the acquisition. The moment an Enterprise owner begins to strategically merge with and acquire other Enterprises, the player will start to earn RP at an even faster rate. This RP is an ERC20 token that can be traded in secondary markets and which makes it possible for the Acquisition Royale to be a play-to-earn game.

The Seascape network has as one of its core goals to reduce the complexity that surrounds DeFi and crypto more generally. This has continued to achieve by converting the core concepts of DeFi into easy-to-access games. Whilst delivering excellent quality on its games, it also provides proper incentives to both players and developers. Seascape is gradually gaining success in changing the global narrative about gaming and this partnership with prePO is definitely going to act as another great stride. Acquisition Royale would be available on Ethereum, BSC, and Moonriver chains.




Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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