Introducing SmartMint: Pastel Network’s Tool for No-Code NFT Minting

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readJan 31, 2023
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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become an influential sector in the blockchain industry since its boom in 2020. Over the past few years, they have developed to become the most expressive part of cryptocurrency as they complete the art, entertainment, and financial aspects of the real world that were once lacking in Web3.

Web3, as a decentralized ecosystem, was expected to be a space where anyone could be quickly onboarded and equipped with the proper tools to create a product seamlessly and securely. But for most Web3 projects today, that is different, as it takes developers who have innovative ideas and can develop them through programming to set up these products, which often require a lot of money and technical knowledge to set up and, in most cases, a large team to contribute and assist in development.

Aside from GameFi NFTs and synthetic derivatives of real-world assets used in DeFi, other less technical NFTs like paintings, songs, concert tickets, movies, books, and gifs, to mention a few should be easily mintable by anyone as an expression of art, just like we have in the real world. These real-world assets should require little or no technical knowledge to be onboarded on Web3 because they require less structure to run, mostly just a blockchain network to be integrated into and a marketplace where they can be placed on display. Unfortunately, the structure of blockchain makes this hard to achieve.

Why would an artist who wants to imprint his art into a blockchain to ensure that it stays original, unique, and incapable of being duplicated or plagiarized have to have technical knowledge of blockchain coding or employ one who does to do this? It is often highly discouraging for non-coders who cannot hire the services of a developer.

This problem led to the creation of no-code NFT minting platforms where creators can easily mint their NFTs on a blockchain without any blockchain coding knowledge. There are several of these platforms, but among the many, few come highly recommended, and Pastel Network’s SmartMint is one of them.

About Pastel Network’s SmartMint Platform

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While several NFT minting platforms give great promises of safety, security, and ease of use, Pastel’s SmartMint platform does have a lot that outwits its competitors.

SmartMint is a unique NFT minting tool by Pastel. It enables users to seamlessly create, mint, and manage their NFTs using customizable smart contracts and avoiding the hassle and complexities of minting and deploying NFTs through blockchain coding. Simply put, SmartMint empowers creators without the need to know or understand much about NFTs, smart contracts, or blockchain to mint their works.

One grandeur feature of SmartMint is that it is multi-chain, meaning creators can mint NFTs on different blockchain networks. Currently, we have three blockchains on which creators can mint their NFTs— Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana.

Through customizable smart contracts, SmartMint allows creators to state the custom traits they want their NFTs to be minted with, and they get wrapped based on the smart contract compatibility of the blockchain network they choose.

Another exciting feature is the use of Pastel’s Sense and Cascade Protocols to ensure that every NFT minted through SmartMint is secure and can not be duplicated.

Sense Protocol is a near-duplicate NFT detection that ensures that the NFTs minted are not duplicates and cannot be duplicated through certifiable authenticity and counterfeit protection. Cascade Protocol is a permanent decentralized Data Storage that ensures that NFTs minted are stored permanently to prevent any loss.

In conclusion, SmartMint provides a no-code NFT minting experience that is wholesome, giving creators a secure, safe, and seamless ecosystem where their NFTs can be generated effortlessly.

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