Introducing CateredContent: Now you can Write, Share and Earn

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
4 min readMay 21, 2019


It is no longer news, that the internet today has evolved to a point where it is being utilised as a requisite tool for every individual to exploit and exhibit their natural talents as well as their self acquired skills in this big stage comprising of over seven billion audience.
The entertainment industry no doubt, has been the main beneficiary of this great opportunity, with musicians and filmmakers raking in billions annually by leveraging the flexibility and monetary dominance the internet has got to offer. The same however, cannot be said for writers and visual-content creators who spend days constructing contents in form of articles, reports, reviews to mention a few, only to come up with very little monetary benefit and in some cases, nothing.


The need to improve this sector has in recent years, led to the introduction of platforms like Steemit and Smoke whose plan to reward content creators through the use of cryptocurrencies has worked perfectly giving rise to the massive development of this sector.
With modern internet-savvy content creators eager to explore various options with the aim of earning more monetary value by harnessing their self nurtured skill of content creation, the need to develop more platforms with this objective is on the increase.

Introducing CateredContent: A Modern Platform Catering for Content Creators Globally

CateredContent is a platform aimed at providing an interface whereby content creators can explore and exploit their full potentials with full entitilement to mouth-watering benefits in the process. CateredContent creates an ecosystem where content creators can interact with a wide range of social networking options with the aim of publicising trending Blockchain-based projects which in return rewards them with valuable cryptocurrencies.

CateredContent, as its name implies, fully caters for the needs of modern content creators globally by providing a platform with top-notch features and mouth-watering benefits like it has never been experienced in the cryptoshpere.

What Makes CateredContent Stand Out?

  • Easy Navigation/ User-Friendly Interface

Unlike other platforms where content creators will have to spend time in search of economically viable projects to base their contents on, CateredContent has been able to put in place a user-friendly interface where users can navigate through easily and choose from a wide range of trending projects to write on based on their preference, in exchange for rewards. With key functions outlined perfectly in a way even a layman can easily navigate through, users are sure to get the best experience.

  • Multi-Platform Options

With CateredContent, users have the liberty to choose various platforms on which they wish to publicise their contents. Based on the kind of project which is made available, users will have a wide range of options to choose from. With top social-networking platforms like FacebookTwitterSteemit, and a whole lot of others, giving users the opportunity to increase their reward pool.

  • User Progress Tracking System and Ranking

CateredContent also provides an effective ranking system which will help users keep track of their profess on the platform. The ranking is based on how active a user is on the platform and how much effort he puts into every project. With full ability to monitor your progress, it is obviously a morale booster to enable every user work hard in order to aim at the top of the log, Hence, creating an ecosystem for healthy sportsmanship.

If there is one thing our world isn’t short of, it is opportunities. The introduction of the internet further made these opportunities more available to every individual. CateredContent is more that just an opportunity in my perspective, I see it as a big project what channel serves as a fortress for various opportunities in which every content creator should key into for further development of their unique skills.

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