Moonscape City NFT Goes Live

Hello, Seascape fans! Are you ready to take a trip to the Moon? Well, get in your spaceship because Seascape is taking you to the moon with their Moonscape City NFT sale! The sale was announced a while ago but had to be delayed because of some minor adjustments, but now it’s time to blast off. It’ll be an exciting ride as users buy and trade City NFTs while gaining premium access to the best features from one of the year’s most thrilling DeFi games! Below are details on what to expect from the sale.

Overview of Moonscape City NFT Sale

155 NFTs are going to be available for purchase over the course of 5 sale sessions. These NFTs come with a combination of pre-built cities for users’ enjoyment. The NFTs are ranked in the following order: Legendary (buildings at level 10), Epic (level 8 buildings), Rare (level 5 buildings), Special (level 3 buildings), and Common (level 1 buildings).

Details of the Sale

  • Sale 1: Legendary City Sale (28/01/2022) — This event will sell only 5 NFTs in a 6-hour round, with each NFT valued at 1,200,000 MSCP. Users can only receive one NFT per wallet, and the minimum requirement to participate in this sale is Tier 3.
  • Sale 2: Epic City Sale (29/01/2022) — There will also be only one round, lasting 6 hours and featuring 10 City NFTs. Each one costs 600,000 MSCP, with restrictions on only one NFT per wallet and a Tier 2 minimum requirement.
  • Sale 3: Rare City Sale (31/01/2022) — There will be 20 NFTs set up in this sale, all divided into 10 NFTs for two rounds over 4 hours. The price will begin at 200,000 MSCP and will rise to 300,000 MSCP by the end. To participate in this, you will only need Tier 1 status, and there is a limit of one NFT per wallet.
  • Sale 4: Special City Sale (02/02/2022) — This sale will feature 40 NFTs over four rounds of two hours each. The price begins at 60,000 MSCP and rises by 30,000 MSCP until it reaches 150,000 MSCP. There is a minimum requirement of Tier 0 and a restriction to only one NFT per wallet.
  • Sale 5: Common City Sale (04/02/2022) — 80 NFTs will be sold in 8 rounds over the course of 16 hours. There is the sole restriction of one NFT per wallet, no Tier requirement, and a starting price of 20,000 MSCP. The price will increase by 10,000 MSCP until it gets to 90,000 MSCP.

These Moonscape City NFTs will be necessary to take part in Moonscape’s upcoming Closed Beta, with the chance to earn some really good rewards so get in on the action now. Join the winning team today, plan and earn with Seascape!




Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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