A Guide to Participating in the SmartMint Monthly Art Contest

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readJul 21, 2023

Are you a talented digital artist looking to showcase your NFT creations and engage with a vibrant community? The SmartMint Monthly Art Contest, by Pastel Network, presents the perfect opportunity for you. This article offers comprehensive insights into the SmartMint Monthly Art Contest, and a step-by-step guide on how to participate in this contest, from submission procedures to potential rewards.

Submission Process:

  1. Create Your NFT: Craft an original digital artwork that truly represents your creative vision.
  2. Mint Your NFT: Use Pastel’s SmartMint platform to mint your NFT. Make sure to do this within the same month that the contest is being held.
  3. Showcase Your NFT: Share your masterpiece with the world! Post a tweet featuring your NFT and include the following tags and mentions: #smartmintartcontest @smartmint_ @pastelnetwork.

NFT Guidelines:

To ensure that your submission qualifies for the contest, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Your NFT must be minted using SmartMint within the contest month.
  2. The NFT should be an original creation made by you.
  3. Each NFT and its related digital art can only be submitted once.
  4. Ensure that your NFT is NSFW-safe and adheres to respectful content standards.

Note: You can mint your NFT through either a Drop or Collection contract, and it can be hosted on any SmartMint-supported network, such as Ethereum or Solana.

Contest & Voting Process:

  1. Submission Review: At the end of each month, all NFTs meeting the submission process and guidelines will be considered for the contest.
  2. Community Showcase: During the first week of the following month, all eligible NFTs from the previous month’s submissions will be shared in the Art Contest channel.
  3. Community Voting: The community will have a 3-day window to vote for their favourite digital artworks.
  4. Winner Announcement: After voting concludes, the winners will be announced. The winners will be directly contacted by a member of the Pastel team to claim their prizes.

Note: Each community member can cast only one vote per month.


The SmartMint Monthly Art Contest offers enticing prizes to reward your creative efforts:

  • First Place: $150 USDT, Smartmint Artist Spotlight (Tweeted by SmartMint and retweeted by Pastel), and participation in a Twitter Spaces event with the Pastel community.
  • Second Place: $100 USDT, Smartmint Artist Spotlight (Tweeted by SmartMint and retweeted by Pastel).
  • Third Place: $50 USDT, Smartmint Artist Spotlight (Tweeted by SmartMint and retweeted by Pastel).
  • Top 10 Winners: SmartMint covers gas fees for their next NFT minting.

Get Involved:

Your participation in the SmartMint Monthly Art Contest offers the opportunity to win fantastic prizes while connecting with a dynamic community of fellow NFT artists and enthusiasts.

If you have any inquiries about the contest, the submission process, or voting procedures, feel free to reach out on the SmartMint Art Contest Discord channel.

For those ready to jump in and submit their NFTs, the submission form can be accessed here: Submission Form

To learn more about SmartMint, you can read through my previous Article.

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