Seascape and WowSwap partners to offer users up to 5x Leverage

Congratulations are in order for Seascape Network and WOWswap for the solid partnership recently forged by both platforms. In time past, Seascape Network has channeled plenty of energy into transforming the general approach towards DeFi gaming by leveraging Binance Smart Chain to provide scalability in gaming while also staying plugged in to the liquidity of Ethereum, as well as a wide range of other blockchains.

Seascape’s recent partnership with WOWswap allows for something more unique and game changing; leverage trading, and this allows users to trade pCWS with a leverage of up to five times the regular rate.

The rest of this article, explains why this new partnership is such a big deal for both Seascape Network and WOWswap.

With leverage trading, a trader is able to secure more market exposure despite having a low initial investment. It’s obvious why this is a useful financial strategy. When maximizing leverage, a trader secures funds to boost their position by loaning from a third or external party.

What leverage does that makes it so unique is that it allows a trader to put out a percentage of their position. Whatever this move yields, whether it’s a profit or loss is impacted by the 5X leverage. This means that leverage trading for any user will mean multiple losses or profits. One tiny info to note here is that funds loaned from external parties in leverage trading are to be paid back with interest.

WOWswap users can participate in leverage trading on WowSwap by connecting their wallet, then selecting which coin they would like to swap for pCWs. BUSD and BNB however, are highly recommended. The next step is for them to select any leverage amount of their choice, up to 5X.

Proxy tokens can now be acquired and switched for real earnings after activating swap. The key to keeping everything in balance here is for users to closely watch their health to avoid liquidation maintenance.

The Seascape and WOWswap partnership requires users to remit interest per hour according to their rate of pool utilization and leverage. Users can also earn rewards by liquidating loss-making rewards. As exciting as the partnership is, losses are a thing and a permanent one that. This means that users must be very shrewd with their coins.

Thanks to this partnership, users would not only earn rewards but multiply them for a more satisfying experience on both platforms.



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