Seascape is once again taking the blockchain industry by storm with another extraordinary partnership with Mathwallet and here is why this is such wonderful news for enthusiasts of crypto wallets. As an established player in the industry, Seascape is known to officially support only Metamask wallet.

Hence, this new addition to its infrastructure is a relief and achievement for fans and the Seascape team. Moving on from its former posture of singularity towards supported wallets, Seascape is currently dedicated to branching out to increase its number of supported wallets with an emphasis on quality and excellence.

Generally, the procedure and protocols involved in integrating new crypto wallets are slow and methodical, but Seascape has been successful in getting MathWallet on board and both communities are excited about this partnership.

Why Mathwallet?

Mathwallet was a choice selection for the Seascape team due to their availability on the three most important platforms for any blockchain outfit: mobile, desktop, and hardware.

Another unique feature of MathWallet is that it runs nodes for POS chains and supports cross-chain token exchange. It also supports more than 60 chains, some of which include BinanceChain, ETH, Polkadot, and BTC. With MathWallet in collaboration with Seascape, folks now get straight access to Seascape NFTs and games on Seascape. This access is directly from their MathWallet.

What this means is that people in the Seascape community can now enjoy all their favorite games while keeping an eye on their Scape collection from their wallet, thanks to MathWallet. The Seascape team has made this super easy. Simply navigate to Collectibles and add up your BEP assets.

Seascape and MathWallet marked this event by offering participants an opportunity to win over 20 Gen 0 Common Scapes and $500 in USDT in three steps. Participants are to:

  • Follow Seascape and MathWallet on Twitter
  • Tag three friends
  • Fill out a given form.

This partnership is pretty much what Seascape needed for obvious reasons. One of them is that Seascape is structured on NFT’s market and DeFi, a quality that could not be excluded from Seascape’s modification plan. MathWallet provides the perfect platform to house NFTs and Seascape games which supply players with a superbly user-friendly interaction from within the wallet.

One must commend the move by Seascape and Mathwallet to conduct a giveaway as a celebratory gesture on the partnership. This has gone a long way in creating active participants on both platforms.



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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

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