Seascape launches another season of Scape Forum

If you haven’t been keeping up with the happenings on the Seascape network, this is a time to dust those boots because something amazing is about to repeat itself. For those who have been to Rome, they will know that it’s a place worth visiting again with all the culture and history pack in one travel experience.

You might not be able to go there in real life and you most definitely won’t be able to travel back in time to experience ancient Rome but there’s still great news for you. An epic historic adventure takes place for a second season as Scape Forum Season 2 is now ready on ETH and BSC. If you missed the first season, don’t miss this!

Users will be open to the advantage of taking their soldiers, crushing and remolding them into ever more valiant warriors. That’s just for starters, users will also be able to combine Scapes, this time to mint Gen-1, superior standard Scapes. To guarantee higher quality Scapes which you can use to your hearts content, it is advantageous to stake up to 1000 CWS or more for other Seascape NFT games.

This season will be packed with lots of fun user experiences and packages including the Legendary “Romulus” the newest Roman Scape to grace the field also like mentioned earlier staking up to 1000 CWS gives you a shot at the new bonuses and it will guarantee Generation 0 Romulus when you burn one of the given combinations.

When user’s are online, they will notice the new filter that has been added to the Seascape screen for their application pleasure also, the progress bar will now notify players when they are going to mint Romulus.

Are you amazed? Calm down, don’t forget that Seascape is a platform designed around the DeFi and NFT economies, allowing users to collateralize and earn from in-game assets aimed at creating an ecosystem where the user and Devs can profit from their favorite games so, all of these goodies should be expected as the network is passionate about living up to it’s name.

Finally, by now it should be obvious that this second season is coming with a bigger bang and out to cover new grounds. For sixty days, players will be able to burn new and potentially improved amazing soldiers for the army of great Rome.

If you are an active or potential player, be sure not to miss out on this fun with the most amazing NFTs in the DeFi space. If you need more info about the game or how you can mint brand new high quality generation 1 Scapes, head on to the Seascape platform now and thank me later.