Seascape Launches New Mystery Box NFTs with Binance

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readJul 17, 2021

Widely acclaimed as the ultimate gaming platform based on DeFi and NFT economies, Seascape Network has partnered with industry giant BinanceNFT to launch one of the best NFT transactions this year. Seascape will provide exclusive NFTs for the upcoming Zombie series on the Binance NFT market. Wichita Zombie Hunter limited edition characters can only be obtained through the BSC patented mysterious box and will provide 5 qualities. Higher quality NFTs are extremely rare, and when they use them in the next fifth game of Seascape, the players will be provided with greater rewards.

The Seascape gaming platform also made it a real DeFi summer by launching its fourth modular DeFi game Scape Forum. Among them, owners of Crowns (Seascape Network’s universal token) and Scapes (Seascape’s original NFT) can increase their power, thereby increasing their income potential. With its release, the first character in the Seascape New Rome series will also be available. Playable since mid-July, the Scape Forum is a highly anticipated addition to Seascape’s expanding catalog of groundbreaking DeFi games.

Seascape is a highly reputable DeFi gaming platform that has achieved many achievements since the launch of their IDO in Q1 2021. All of its DeFi games have won the top ten in the BSC DeFi games category and ranked first in the NFT Treasureland market for most of June 2021. With more and more partners, farms, pools, vaults, to mention a few, Seascape managed to inject new vitality into the tried and tested DeFi mechanism by implementing them in high quality modular games.

However, the most prominent aspect of Seascape is its fully incentivized NFT economy. Seascape believes that the future of NFTs in games must be to create value for its owners. Therefore, instead of buying the NFT at the market price and using it to perform non-incentive tasks in the game (such as upgrading characters), or selling it or even increasing it at a markup, the NFT should go through its entire life cycle to increase its holders benefits. They can be staked, loaned, or used as collateral for other transactions. This is what Seascape is constantly striving to create and innovate for its users.

In the remainder of 2021, the growing gaming network will usher in series of greater milestones. Seascape plan to release more modular DeFi games to provide more earning opportunities for Seascape users. Later in 2021, Seascape plans to launch on Moonbeam. Moonbeam is a cross-chain platform that will enable seamless connections between major chains and more ambitious large-scale DeFi gaming projects.

Final Thoughts

With Seascape set to launch more and more exciting games compatible with the Crowns universal token in the nearest future, the Seascape community can be assured of an unmatched gaming experience. Users are encouraged to participate in the various activities that Seascape currently offers, because they’ve got so much in store for the blockchain gaming community.



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