Seascape Launches Profit Circus 4 on Moonriver

About Profit Circus 4

  • Profit Circus Season 4 will only last for 90 days.
  • This season would comprise two pools, one of which would be for the LP staking and the other for the single token staking.
  • Concerning the LP staking pool, participants will stake CWS-MOVR on SeaDex, and users will earn a total of 50M MSCP in rewards.
  • While, regarding the single-token staking pool, participants will stake MSCP, and rewards would be expected to total 1000 MOVR.
  • Users can also stake at least 10 LP tokens in the first pool for 24 hours and be rewarded with their Gen-3 familiar scape.
  • Obtain some MOVR, a utility token on the Moonriver network, and necessary to trade MOVR for USDT.
  • Then add Moonriver to your wallet; this can be any wallet of your choice; it is essential to take this step before interacting with SeaDex.
  • Get RIB tokens
  • Add your liquidity amount by connecting your wallet and clicking on the liquidity section, where you will input the amount of liquidity you want to add.



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