Seascape Launches Scape Forum Season 1

Seascape Network play-to-earn Scape Forum game is now available. The first season of the game went live on July 20 and is expected to run till August 21, 2021. Users can play games on the Ethereum network or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Compared with the micro-transaction problems that plague many first-party games, the quality of game learning forms a refreshing contrast.

About Scape Forum

Seascape’s Scape Forum game is a Roman-themed NFT burning game based. In the game, users can combine their Scapes to get higher quality and rarer NFTs. The game involves users matching 5 Scapes, and casting a rare and specific Generation 0 Scape based on the 5 Scapes used.

The interesting part of the game is that users can combine specific Scapes to obtain the quality required by higher Scapes. This means that users can create and learn combinations to get the Scape they want. Purchased higher quality Scapes can be used in other Seascape NFT games. In Season 1, the most popular Scapes that can be obtained are the Roman-themed Scapes, especially the Scape called Placidus.

What is seascape?

Seascape is one of the most exciting projects in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). The Seascape protocol is a game-centric platform supported by DeFi and NFT economy. The agreement aims to create a complete ecosystem, allowing users to play and win. In-game users can guarantee and earn assets, which really strengthens their vision of a strong gaming ecosystem. The platform can also run on the Ethereum and Binance smart chain networks.


Compared to micro-transactions, the biggest draw to play-to-earn games may be role-playing. Users do not need to pay for cosmetic equipment or game upgrades, but earn money while playing. This has sparked the excitement surrounding the game. As planned next season, over time, ocean views can bring a larger community.

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