All You Need to Know about the Lighthouse Tiers

Hello friends, we are at Sea(scape) again and this is your Lighthouse. For those of you just discovering the beauty that is Lighthouse, I will do a quick breakdown of what it is all about.

Lighthouse is a launchpad IDO dedicated to DeFi gaming and game developer utility. Using this platform, you may discover fresh and exciting gaming projects to fund while earning rewards and profit for your efforts. Simultaneously, new projects will get the funds they require to launch a fresh new game with its own token, backed by Crowns.

The Random Allocation, the first round of funding for a Lighthouse project, allows users to fund varying amounts. During the Random Allocation, higher Tiers can fund a larger amount. Users are divided into Tiers during the Random Allocation process based on their participation in the Seascape Network ecosystem.

Crowns, the Seascape network’s universal token that is also used to back the tokens of Lighthouse projects, will gain liquidity and value by rewarding highly active users of the Seascape ecosystem with higher allocation amounts. The result from this is that all CWS token holders will get to benefit.

As earlier mentioned, the allocation of Tiers is based on participation in the Seascape Network ecosystem. Here’s a guide with an explanation on how to gain and level up your Tier status:

  • Tier -1

All you have to do to attain this level is sign up with your email. It’s as easy as that. Sadly, this Tier does not include any rights. You will, however, receive an email encouraging you to complete the signup process.

  • Tier 0

This next-level Tier grants you access to the IDO project token airdrop and notifies you of upcoming IDO projects. To enjoy all of this, you must have a registered email address, at least one Scape of any type, and at least 0.01 RIB to participate. This Tier will cost 1 CWS on MOVR to claim.

  • Tier 1

This is the lowest Tier for which the Random Allotment is available. It will cost 5 CWS on MOVR to achieve. You must have purchased at least 1 NFT from the Scape Store, 100 $CWS on any chain, 5 Scapes of any generation, and 0.1 RIB.

  • Tier 2

This is the Random Allotment’s second-highest level. You must have at least 10 NFTs from the Scape Store, 10 CWS-MOVR LP tokens from SeaDex, 1 Epic Scape of any generation, and 3 Gen-0 Scapes of any quality to qualify. This Tier will cost 10 CWS on MOVR to claim.

  • Tier 3

This is the highest available Tier for the Random Allotment. To qualify, you must have purchased or sold at least 25 NFTs from the Scape Store, own at least one $RIB, at least one Legendary Scape of any generation, and at least five Gen-0 Scapes of any quality. This Tier costs 20 CWS on MOVR to claim.

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