Seascape Network December Recap

As this new year begins, there’s a lot to look back on and be grateful for. This is a thought that the seascape network shares as they draw closer to their anniversary, with so much love and gratitude to their faithful fans, without whom none of these would have been possible. With all the hurdles encountered and surpassed by the network throughout last year, they have taken a moment to reflect on all the wins of 2021.

Last month saw the release of the MSCP token and impressively, we saw it reach a market cap of over $10 Million in just 36 hours. This token is earned on multiple farms, including the Lighthouse and is available on both MOVR and BSC, it’s is a feather to Seascape hat but it could also be a win for you too if you join in.

Seascape just embarked on a super hot venture with the launch of their first series of limited edition unique NFTs, the Riverboat collection available on the Scape Store. With a clear focus for their users, Seascape has taken various steps including several give-aways to ensure that these fully 3D NFTs get into the hands of their fans across the crypto sphere. Currently, Seascape has given away 50 Riverboat NFTs in giveaways, along with many rounds of sales that sell out almost immediately. The network opened two new farms on the Lighthouse in which users can stake MSCP-MOVR LP to earn 50M MSCP as well as stake MSCP token to earn 50k CWS.

Seascape can boldly boast of productive partnerships, helping to improve the experience of every user on the network. In a recent article they released, they gave a couple of shoutouts to those partners starting from their long-term partners over at PancakeSwap with the MSCP trading competition. The Seascape network is currently working with friends over at Polinate where they will have a dedicated page to publicly support creators who want to build/raise through the platform and those who want to come over and use it. They will also be working with prePO to do a big gleam for a giveaway of 25 Enterprise NFTs.

If you haven’t jumped on any giveaway or other Seascape activities, there’s hope as these beautiful opportunities include the play-to-earn sphere (Seascape has a brand new season of Staking Saloon available on BSC) will continue so, grab hold of what you can, while you can. The future is bright.



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