Seascape Network March Recap

With every month that passes, Seascape continues to show why and how it’s one of the projects that is currently leading the charge and setting the pace for DeFi gaming in today’s cryptocurrency world. Seascape aims to innovate and educate the public on DeFi concepts and systems using simple to play games that are both entertaining and vastly rewarding. This is evident in the fact that everyone that plays any of Seascape’s games comes away feeling delighted and with the urge to go in for more game time.

The month of March was no disappointment as it continued the tradition of Seascape awesomeness. In this last month, fans of Seascape have witnessed milestones being achieved, excellent partnerships being brokered and innovative updates to the Seascape products out there. This article will be taking a quick trip down memory lane to revisit some of the highlights from March.

For the past month, Zombie Farm has reigned supreme! The game has more than $10 million in Total Value Locked as of the last check. Just another proof of my earlier claim that Seascape is everyone’s favourite! Staking Saloon is another indicator. This game’s particular season just ended, and 6,872 Scapes were destroyed! Moonscape is another game to watch, as the team just released two playthroughs this month to familiarise users with the upcoming game. Profit Circus Season 4 is still on a good run for those who want in on some action, and you can also learn about ancient Rome with Seascape’s Scape Forum Season 3!

In the Seascape Network, the month of March also saw some game-changing events. Several AMAs were held on various platforms and in multiple languages throughout the month. There was also the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Seascape had delegates on the ground, including the CEO, Social Media manager, and brand managers. At the same event, Seascape’s partner studio, MetaKings Studio, announced their AAA game Blocklords.

The Blocklords Game, especially with the show MetaKings put on, will usher in a new wave of DeFi games. In addition, Seascape hosted their first Seascape Multiverse Talks in Twitter Spaces, where they discussed Blockchain gaming with Meter IO, GoodGamesGuild, and DuelistKingNFT.

In terms of collaboration, Seascape is still expanding its reach! They recently signed an agreement with the Japanese game company Big Bang to bring Seascape to the global community and add more utility to the world of DeFi gaming. Another recent move by Seascape was the redesign and bug fixes for Moonscape Early Access and a new update for Zombie Farm S1. The Seascape team has also recently announced that their Scape Store is the first in the Crypto World to allow users to trade NFT through peer-to-peer trading!
Seascape Network is taking the DeFi gaming world by storm; ride the waves with them today!




Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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