Seascape Network partnership with ApeSwap : Progress so far

The jungle at ApeSwap is rumbling with excitement as Seascape secures a sweet new partnership with ApeSwap that allows Seascape Crowns to become compatible for exchange over on ApeSwap. But that’s not what makes this partnership such a hit.

The go-bananas swing to this partnership is the opportunities in Farm and Pool. The partnership took off on Friday June 4th at 15:00 and with effect, users were able to participate in Seascape BNB-CWS farm as soon as they got on their Farms section. All users needed to do was to stake their APE-LPs for all the BANANA they want. Pool rewards were valued at $100k USD in both BANANA and pCWS.

At ApeSwap, GNANA is a governance token which thanks the Seascape-ApeSwap partnership, users can noe participate in the innovative GNANA staking pool to bag some fantastic pCWS APR rewards. There’s literally nothing not to love about this collaboration and both teams were so committed to ensuring all users benefit from this partnership that a joint AMA was hosted on the Seascape telegram group on the 4th of June by 16:00 UTC.

The Seascape and ApeSwap collaboration is one that promises and guarantees a lot of benefits for users on both communities. All the information on the partnership can be found on both Seascape and ApeSwap Twitter podcasts.

There’s more in the bargain if you’re still not impressed. A gleam event is being put together to help users rake in more Crypto into their pile. With respect to this, both teams provided a link to guidelines that will help users boost their chances of securing $500 in BUSD.

The incentives in the Seascape-ApeSwap partnership are not mere marketing gimmicks to get you hooked. And both teams are ready to generously dish them out to ready users. Trust me, you want to watch the Seascape-ApeSwap space for the next big swing!



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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph


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