Seascape partners with DIA (Decentralized Information Assets)

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Seascape Network is back, announcing an exciting new partnership for its users. DIA (Decentralized Information Assets) is an open-source Oracle platform that enables market participants to obtain, supply and share trusted data. By integrating price data into DIA oracles across multiple chains, Seascape will enable the dApp ecosystem around their Crowns token. Seascape’s Crowns token has been incorporated into DIA’s end-to-end data feed, allowing third-party dApps to use Crowns in leveraged trading and other use cases.

DeFi gamification provides many benefits for Seascape users, but it also raises concerns when it comes to feeding data to our smart contracts. This major cooperation with DIA will help ensure that the CWS pricing source throughout the Seascape ecosystem is correct, opening up many new possibilities for future DeFi games. In a nutshell, this major partnership gives Seascape the opportunity to provide their users with a better gaming and DeFi experience.

Seascape Network focuses on usability and quality and aims to create an environment where users, developers and stakeholders can play, win and share experiences in a motivating way. The network aims to provide a self-educating method for blockchain and related finance in an interesting and fascinating way.

Through the gamification process from beginning to end and removing complex obstacles, Seascape Network will allow users to seamlessly enter the world of blockchain games and decentralized finance, and economically incentivize game time and game development. Seascape is backed by its native Crowns token, which is designed to reward all major stakeholders in the Seascape gaming ecosystem.

To commemorate this collaboration, Seascape and DIA plan to hold events in the future to raise awareness, answer questions, and reward users. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on AMAs and other opportunities to grow, learn and earn through these two platforms.