Seascape partners with The Graph to provide a better Gaming Experience for Users

This year alone, Seascape has entered into series of wonderful partnerships with different ecosystem in the blockchain industry, continually establishing itself as DeFi and NFT based gaming platform solidly committed to user experience. This position has been reinforced once again with another brilliant partnership with The Graph.

The Graph is an index protocol for querying blockchain data and in this partnership, Seascape will be utilizing subgraphs for smoother user experience.

Why The Graph?

The Graph is built to accommodate quality apprehension and usage of stored data on the blockchain. This process will be facilitated by open APIs, also known as subgraphs. Seascape chose The Graph for this strategic move because they have a proven track a record of safe and dependable and super-fast at querying data. What this seamless data transference does on the surface is that it enhances user experience and for developers, it improves flexibility.

Have you been enjoying games on Seascape in the past? Get set to for a mind-blowing experience as Seascape is fully poised at boosting the user experience of its games. This cuts across Smart Chain, Binance, Ethereum and all available chains. In no time, this package will also be hitting Moonbeam and Polkadot.

No more delays in leaderboards or other glitches that frustrate your gaming experience. Thanks to The Graph’s superb game storage, Seascape will now be able to make a lot of modifications to their games.

And there’s even more! By observing your interaction and data on gaming platforms, Seascape developers will be able to identify what users enjoy, allowing pain points to be more targeted.

Finally, by garnering feedback through online events and engagement campaigns, there’s adequate information on users’ gaming experience. This simple strategy allows Seascape to stay on top of their game when it comes to giving users the best when it comes to features and overall user experience. Developers can now have a pretty wide idea of what gamers like to see, what they favor and want they are drawn to on gaming platforms.

Rest assured; Seascape is prepared to use all the means at its disposal to take user gaming to the very next level. Their partnership with Graph is just a tip of the iceberg of moves Seascape has in an attempt to achieve supreme gaming for its community.



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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

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