Seascape strikes new partnership with Pocket Network

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The kind of system many networks and ecosystems in the blockchain industry are in the process of developing is an incentivized one in which users get to enjoy rewards for performing the most basic tasks or actions. Seascape is contributing to this vision by building a DeFi platform for gaming and processing transactions on the gaming platform.

In lieu of this, Seascape is partnering with Pocket Network to not only power Seascape but also offer Seascape users an innovative method of earning rewards. Through this partnership, users will be supporting Seascape blockchain infrastructure as yield farmers. And how will reward be earned? For Seascape users, rewards can be earned by serving as wPOKT farmers as Seascape of farmers. This is in addition to liquidity mining and staking.

Highlighted below are some of the major highlights of this partnership:

  • Seascape is collaborating with Pocket Network, a decentralized node infrastructure protocol to invent more unique ways to earn by staking wPOKT as a regen yield farmer.
  • Seascape will go on to become a Pocket Network blockchain user of infrastructure and launch partner for wPOKT.
  • Protocols will be established to ensure that wPOKT rewards can be earned by anyone who stakes wPOKT in their data farming program. Earned wPOKT will be for not just subsidizing Seascape blockchain network bandwith of Genesis Farm partners.

Seascape developers have foreseen the necessity of a solid node network that is scalable. The goal is to build Seascape into a network capable of launching its own DeFi games, blockchains and custom gaming tokens to go with the trend. And this goal has already been accomplished.

The Seascape ecosystem is looking forward to considerable growth in the development of its games and cross-chain gaming platform. This element of the Seascape Polkadot partnership will support Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and other chains on Polkadot.

Seascape will also secure node operations with reliable sources to prevent downtime and scalability issues. Seascape users will be enjoying backed gaming with support of Pocket’s unstoppable crowd-powered infrastructure.

Another faction of Seascape’s goal is to allow gamers to not only stake NFTs across gaming platforms and games but to stake, snatch up juicy earnings and take out collateral for financial functions and debt as well. Gamers also get to sell and trade on the platform.

Incase you’re not familiar with the Polkadot network, wPOKT is an Ethereum channel which supplies node infrastructure to dApps using data farming. Participation in the staking of multiple wPOKT farms is the way crowd farmers can support dApp infrastructure and earn rewards in return. On the other hand, a lone user can stake POCKET on the network as a node runner.

To integrate this premium node infrastructure support to Seascape and other Ethereum dApps, Seascape users can go on to stake for infrastructure. When an ecosystem has infrastructure solutions that are decentralized, they reduce the chances of failure which is more likely in a centralized infrastructure. This is what wPOKT farmers get to enjoy on their gaming platform. The higher the Seascape stake by wPOKT farmers, the higher the rewards.

This partnership with Pocket node is one that marks another breaking ground for Seascape. With Pocket’s decentralized node, Seascape can kiss downtime and redundancy goodbye, as an offline node during application session can still be served by applications.

What Pocket Network is bringing to the table is a scalable platform that would provide uptime and consistency with the distributed network of independent node operators and infrastructure providers.




Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph

Research Writer ǀ Blockchain Enthusiast ǀ Petroleum Engineer ǀ Part-time Journalist

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