Seascape Weekly Roundup

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readMar 12, 2022



If you do not have your city on the Moon yet, you are certainly missing out. There are only five days left to join the Seascape Moonscape City NFT sale Giveaway. Yes, you read that right, Giveaway! This Giveaway grants the Seascape community members the opportunity to win Moonscape City NFTs. It would help if you didn’t miss out on this. Make use of this opportunity to build your city in space before outsiders take over the Moon.

Also, Seascape’s Zombie Farm Mystery Box Reveal Campaign will end on March 14th. Users should share their NFTs on Twitter to earn extra Mystery Box rewards. Who knows, you might be surprised about the Mystery reward that you get. Make sure to join in this campaign now!


This has been nothing short of eventful! This week, Seascape’s professional team also had the privilege of joining in on many AMA sessions on various platforms in diverse languages.

The Seascape team was live in a unique AMA session on Meter Discord as of Wednesday. While discussing the unique concept of Defi games, they answered every question that both Defi gamers and traditional gamers threw at them. They also introduced their Lighthouse IDO projects and mentioned their enthralling games before the discord community.

On the other hand, Gloria Gao, Seascape’s East Asian Marketing Lead, was present at the Moonbeam AMA with Mr. Monkey, their Senior Ambassador. They also addressed all the Chinese community’s questions on Defi games, showcased the incredible bond that they have with their partners, and gave thrilling news on their games and products to those looking forward to entering the Defi world.

On our part, we hosted our very own AMA within our Telegram Community with our excellent marketing team on International Women’s Day. We at Seascape care a lot about our lovely community and will always be available to deal with the questions they might have for us. It’s not too late to join this community now and become a part of this loving, caring, and welcoming family.


Seascape’s Staking Salon was a huge success. Our particular season just recently ended with users having burned 6,872 Scapes.

On the other hand, Scape Forum is just entering the second week of its third season. So go on and fuse those Scapes and stand the chance of obtaining a more powerful Roman Scape.

Seascape has also got their thrilling upcoming game, Moonscape for you to look up to. Their game development team is sure to show you how to attack aliens and snatch resources in the Moon with Moonscape Playthrough.


Seascape’s core values are built around providing a secure and safe environment for all our players. To ensure that the games they release are secure, Seascape is having Moonscape go through final auditing checks with Halborn Security.

Above all else, this week has been highly informative for users. With the various AMA sessions held at different locations, they sure would have more people interested in their games. It is important to note that Seascape is also in the process of developing up our upcoming Moonscape so that everyone can have the best gaming experience there is.

Make sure you keep up with Seascape’s official social media handles to get more opportunities to earn.



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