Seascape’s Crowns lists on top-tier Cryptocurrency Exchange, Kucoin

Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
3 min readMay 9, 2021


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If you’ve been impressed by the recent developments on Seascape network, get ready to be blown away this time because Seascape has once again, gone the extra mile to break new grounds in the Blockchain Gaming space. And what’s the big news? The Seascape Crown is now listed on KuCoin! This major development like others before it, is once more scaling Seascape to the next level with its massive impact as well as benefits for the network and its users.

This major listing sees to it that CWS and pCWS on BSC would be available to users for withdrawal, purchase and trade on Kucoin. There obviously is no doubt that this listing is a massive boost for Seascape Network, as KuCoin is well-known as a big deal in the crypto world and here is why:

Surrounded by fierce competitors, KuCoin has succeeded in maintaining its position as one of the most secure and innovative exchanges with juicy perks like flawless service, and affordability.

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To kickstart this relationship between Seascape network and KuCoin, Seascape has joined forces with Kucoin to organise a grand campaign which is aimed at rewarding their faithful users with Crowns. Both platforms are also working together to thrill users with exciting campaigns that would see some lucky winners earn mouth-waterimg rewards. Below is a break down of the listing campaign:

  • $15,000 pool for winners of our Holding Competition
  • $5,000 pool for winners of our Participation Prize
  • $25,000 pool for winners of our Net Buying Competition
  • $5,000 pool for winners of our Holding Lucky Draw

For the Holding Competition, snapshots of user CWS balance will be taken by KuCoin. A prize pool of $15,00 CWS will then be awarded to the top 20 KuCoin accounts in this order:

  • 1st place — $1,300 CWS
  • 2nd place — $1,100 CWS
  • 3rd place — $1,000 CWS
  • 4th — 10th place — $800 CWS/EACH!
  • 11th — 20th place — $600 CWS/EACH!

For the Participation Prize, users with net buying size of 10 or more CWS receive a free KYC1 pass and a chance to add the CWS trading pairs to their own Favorite List. They also get a slice of the $5,000 CWS prize pool. The Net Buying Competition awards $25,000 in CWS to top 20 accounts with the highest net buying volume in this order:

  • 1st place — $2,200 in CWS
  • 2nd place — $1,800 in CWS
  • 3rd place — $1,600 in CWS
  • 4th — 10th place — $1,200 CWS/EACH!
  • 11th — 20th place — $1,100 CWS/EACH!

Last on the listing campaign is the Holding Lucky Draw. In this campaign, users are expected to participate with an average holding volume of 10 CWS. Eligble users would qualify for a lucky draw where 100 lucky winners would be selected randomly selected to win $50 in CWS tokens.



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