Trace Network: Enabling Lifestyle for Metaverse

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Trace Network Labs (formerly Trace Network) commenced its adventure with a focal point on constructing an NFT primarily based Enterprise centered around DeFi protocol. While they are dedicated to this vision, they had additionally deliberated to apply their ongoing project in the direction of NFTs and the Bling market to convey their luxurious and lifestyle enterprise companions into the Metaverse.

At the moment, Trace Network Labs are pulling those eventual dreams up and could quickly be running closer to constructing a generation protocol in order to create a Lifestyle NFT primarily based protocol for the Metaverse.

People want garments to put on, add-ons to appear good, and their personal virtual avatars to put on those way of life merchandise NFT of their preference of metaverse. Trace Network Labs are allowing multichain and multiverse life-style merchandise on users virtual duo also known as Avatars. They intend to create a gateway for life-style manufacturers to go into ANY metaverse alongside their real presence within the actual world via allowing purchasers to hold their life-style in conjunction with their virtual Avatars into ANY metaverse.

This way that the consumer can without difficulty switch and journey with their NFT consumables from one Metaverse to the alternative with ease.

With a brand new set of product and carrier kits, Trace are running on bringing their luxurious and way of life enterprise companions into the Metaverse and provide their life-style product NFTs as wearables and consumables within the Metaverse — essentially make their “virtual twins” usable and livable within the digital space.

Trace Network Labs welcome you to the arena of “Lifestyle for the metaverse”!

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