Trustworks partners with ADOR to launch the Orgasmic Chakra NFT Expo and Treasure Hunt

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As more and more projects launch incredible campaigns to help give back to their communities, Trustworks and Ador have also joined the rush by launching the all-new Orgasmic Chakra NFT Expo and NFT Treasure Hunt in a brilliant new partnership. Unique name for a unique event, right? The Orgasmic Chakra is not as complex as it sounds though.

This unique Talent hunt draws its inspiration from the creative process of humans and the experience of discovering our real potential. In Orgasmic Chakra, participants are expected to undergo a string of thought process for the purpose of discovering and exploring their inner inspirations.

After this, participants are then required to apply identified inspirations into their individual muse or creativities. What makes this such a big deal, is that the entire process is useful in developing three essential aspects of human existence. That is, civilizations, cultures, and individuals.

The whole idea behind this event launch and partnership between Trustworks and Ador is simply to bridge the gap between the real word and the NFT space, which in turn would help improve the mainstream adoption of mainstream. The success of this project makes it the first event of this sort in the NFT space.

Since the launch of this event on the 10th of May 2021, this unique have succeeded in gaining huge traction from around the world. Various creatives from around the world are looking to leverage on this opportunity to showcase their talent and get rewarded for it. Trustworks very own brand representative and Asia’s Got Talent host Justin Bratton has taken to social media, to provide full insight on how users can participate.

One amazing thing about this event is that the available categories have been carefully selected to cut across every aspect of Art. They include digital illustration, 3D modelling, dance, traditional drawing, painting, films, sculpting, sketching and other skills worthy of showcasing.

Interestingly, there is no limit to the number of submissions an eligible participant can submit, and all submissions are expected to be entered in the Submission Page in media formats such as WAV, MP3, PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, MP4, PPT. The maximum file size for submissions has been set at 50MB.

Afterwards, 88 participants will be shortlisted to not just showcase their art but create NFT digital footprints with Ador. Prize pools amounting to $50,000 will be split among the top eight winners of 88 participants. Participants are expected to submit every of their entries on or before 25th of May 2021. Highlighted below, is a full breakdown of how the rewards would be distributed to each winner:

· 1st Prize — $2,500 + 100 ADOR and 250 TRUST

· 2nd Prize — $2,000 + 25 ADOR and 200 TRUST

· 3rd Prize — $1,500 + 11 ADOR and 150 TRUST

· 4th Prize — $1,000 + 11 ADOR and 100 TRUST

· 5th Prize — $500 + 5 ADOR and 75 TRUST

· 6th Prize — $250 + 2 ADOR and 50 TRUST

· 7th Prize — $250 + 2 ADOR and 50 TRUST

· 8th Prize — $250 + 2 ADOR and 50 TRUST

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