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3 min readJan 31, 2023
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NFTs make up a vital layer in the Web3 ecosystem, bringing real-world assets on-chain and giving them viability, authenticity, and proof of ownership that can not be tampered with.

To create and generate NFTs, creators need Web3 tools to successfully onboard their NFTs on a blockchain network through smart contracts containing metadata.

Most of these tools are often complex, requiring a level of knowledge in a programming language like Rust, Solidity, JavaScript, C++, or Python, to mention a few, depending on the blockchain you wish to build on, to be able to create NFT smart contracts that can fully be deployed to the chain.

The SmartMint Feature

Pastel Network curtails the problem associated with blockchain programming for NFT minting by providing a no-code NFT minting solution with its SmartMint tool.

SmartMint is a unique multi-chain no-code NFT minting tool that enables creators to create, generate, mint, and manage their NFTs using customizable smart contracts on a blockchain of choice.

The blockchain networks currently available include Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. Creators do not have to deal with the hassle and complexities of generating and deploying NFTs through blockchain coding.

Key Points To Note Before Minting NFTs Through SmartMint

  • Generating NFTs on SmartMint is a straightforward and effortless journey.
  • The first step is to sign up for the SmartMint tool.
  • The creator has to input the correct details and all that is required, and the process can be done in a few minutes.
  • Creators can create NFT Drops and/or NFT Collections on SmartMint.

NFT Drops

These are NFT smart contracts with a fixed supply. They are hard-capped; no other NFTs can be added to the Drop after the first mint. The creator can specify the factors of the Drops, such as the minimum mint price or maximum mints per address. Users can mint NFTs from the Drop based on the Drop smart contract designation.

NFT Collections

These are NFT smart contracts that are open supply. The creator has the liberty to add to the collection at any time. The creator is the only one who can mint the collection, after which specific NFTs can be airdropped to fans or listed for sale on marketplaces.

When minting/generating any of the NFT smart contracts — Drop or Collection, the following custom traits are required:

  1. Contract Name and Symbol.
  2. Creative assets to be associated with the Drop or Collection.
  3. Blockchain Network: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon.
  4. TokenIDs can be generated for each NFT in the Drop or bulk.
  5. Custom traits, attributes, properties, and other metadata for each NFT TokenID.
  6. Advanced functionality, obtainable from Pastel Network.

When an NFT Drop or Collection is generated, SmartMint sends the underlying data/metadata of each NFT to Pastel to initiate the following:

  • The secure storage of the NFT metadata in the SuperNodes of the Pastel Network via Cascade Protocol for decentralized & permanent data storage.
  • Calculation of the uniqueness and rareness of the metadata via Sense Protocol for near-duplicate NFT detection.

With this information, you can start creating your NFT drops or collections by visiting

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