Amazing offers have been cooked up for some special people this period so, are you a part of the trending community of Moonriver gamers? If so, then I’m talking to you. Moonriver’s first DEX (Decentralized Exchange) SeaDex is up, running and available for you.

SeaDex is currently Moonriver’s only Dex with a focus on NFTs and Gaming and to take part in it, you would need to take the following steps:

Firstly, you must get your hands on Moonriver(MOVR). It’s just basic fact that you can’t get the “fish” without going through the “water” first so, you have to get your hands on MOVR first.

Moonriver is a Kusama parachain that aids Ethereum dApps by offering a complete Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) implementation. MOVR is an important ingredient for many transactions on the network due to the fact that it is it’s utility token so, head to Kucoin or to trade MOVR on the USDT while prices are still friendly.

The second step involves adding Moonriver to your wallet. The official wallet of the Seascape network is Metamask which is an amazing choice so you need to add the Moonriver network before interactiing with SeaDex. The processes involved in adding MOVR to your wallet are basically the same so, below is a brief guide to adding MOVR to Metamask in particular.

  • Click on the top icon and then on setting
  • Click on add network and enter the following details

Network Name: Moonriver


ChainID: 1285

Symbol (Optional): MOVR

Block Explorer(Optional):

Step three is to get RIB’d. So, for those that don’t know, RIB (Riverboat token) was the very first ERC-20 token deployed on Kusama and will have uses both in gaming and in the NFT ecosystem around the Seascape Network. Make sure that after adding MoonriveRPC to your wallet you add RIB to your wallet next, don’t skip this important step before proceeding.

To add RIB to your wallet, click on add token then, add the official RIB address to your wallet: 0xbD90A6125a84E5C512129D622a75CDDE176aDE5E

To trade MOVR-RIB, follow the steps below:

  • Connect your wallet by clicking the connect wallet button at the top left of the screen. Metamask is highly recommended.
  • Make sure your wallet is set to Moonriver chain
  • In the SeaDex interface, select which token you would like to trade from, in this case MOVR
  • Select the token you want to receive and in this case it’s the RIB token.
  • Enter your desired trade amount
  • Click on “Swap”
  • Preview the transaction in the pop-up window.
  • Confirm the transaction request in your wallet.

Last but not the least, Add Liquidity. To do this, connect to your wallet and click on the liquidity section. Input the amount you want to add from your total MOVR tokens. After this is done, you’ll get the RIB- MOVR LP tokens and you’re done. Enjoy.

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